• Community Events

    Elixir: Conventional Programming
    3-11-15 11:30 am - The Brick
    NoVa Developers Club

    We will take this week to look over some of the concepts that will lead into more detailed Elixir functional programming. We will look at pattern matching, immutability, anonymous functions, modules and named functions, collections, control flow,...

    Northern Piedmont Toastmasters Club 311
    3-11-15 11:30 am - The Brick
    Northern Piedmont Toastmasters Warrenton VA

    Youth Leadership Program Awards Ceremony 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Featuring youth speakers as selected by their peers.

    Lunch at the Brick
    3-11-15 11:30 am - The Brick
    Gainesville During the Day Meetup over 40

    I have heard the Brick has great pizza! They also have other things too. Afterwards we can look around the town and visit where they make the pies at the red bakery.

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